Ham Shack and Boatanchor Pictures

These images are embarassingly out of date. They are from the late 90s. The shack is much more messy these days! I've added more rigs to the collection since then. I'll try to get updated photos of the shack once I get a chance to clean up! I promise! For now, here's an idea of what the shack looks like with the three operating positions. I still have all of these rigs.

  • BA Wide angle of Operating Position #1 (Modern Station)

  • BA Closer view of Operating Position #1 (Modern Station) Good view of keys.

  • BA Yet another angle of Operating Position #1

  • BA View showing terminals for DX Cluster, PC and RTTY

  • BA Operating Postion #2 (Main Boatanchors)

  • BA Wide angle of Operating Position #2 (Main Boatanchors)

  • BA Operating Position #3 (Mini-Boatanchors and QRP)

  • BA Close up of Hallicrafters SX-101 MkIII

  • BA Close up of Viking Valiant

  • BA Close up of Harvey Wells Bandmaster Deluxe (TBS-50D)

  • BA Eico 720 and Eico 723 Crystal Controlled Novice Transmitters

  • BA Central Electronics 10B, Knight Kit T-60 Transmitters

  • BA WRL Globe Chief 90, WRL HG-303, Hallicrafters HT-40

  • BA Heathkits: AT-1, DX-20 and DX-35

  • BA Heathkits: HG-10B, DX-60B and HW-16

  • BA (QRP Rigs) OHR: WM-1 Wattmeter, SCF-1 Scaf Filter, Sprint (40 + 30mtrs), Explorer; Norcal 40A, MFJ 901 Tuner

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